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Credit Union Times...

"…is on my list of must-read publications. The reporting, accuracy and timeliness are top-notch.

Geoff Bacino, Bacino and Associates Principal, Former NCUA Board Member

"…a crucially important tool in keeping me informed, if not the most important tool. The articles are timely and concise and help our institution become aware and respond to unforeseen circumstances."

Jon Rhodes, CEO Fed Financial Credit Union, $74 million in assets

"…is my No. 1 go-to source for industry related news. I'm continually connected and in the loop, thanks to Credit Union Times."

Eileen Rivera, President/CEO SkyOne Federal Credit Union, $382 million in assets

"…whether friend, critic, ally, or adversary—is always an honest mirror to the credit union movement. The truth never hurts unless it should! An insightful, influential newspaper, I've been a subscriber since day one."

Jim Blaine, President/CEO State Employees’ Credit Union, $27.1 billion in assets

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