Trailblazers 40 Below
  • Jed Meyer, CEO, St. Cloud FCU
  • James Marshall, Cooperative Trust Manager. Filene Research Institute
  • Melissa Domingues, CFO, MobilOil CU
  • Brian Cummings, Vice President Branch Operations, Oswego County FCU
  • Jeremy Daggs, Vice President Marketing, Red Crown CU
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  • GenYBackTalk
  • Credit Union Times
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Previous Trailblazers
Credit Union Times will recognize 12 young credit union executives this year who are working at warp-speed to better the future of the credit union industry. Nominate a 20- or 30- something who is making a difference today.
eMentor Q&A
  • What three things do CUs and/or young professionals need to rethink to continue to be relevant tomorrow?
  • Gregg Stockdale

    Troy B. Hall

    Chief Operations Officer
    South Carolina FCU

    Tough-talking Troy will tell young professionals that they need to re-think, re-work and re-invent the concept of planning for the future into terms of ... today!
    Tomorrow's relevance is based on how well you are thinking for today. Build knowledge, today. Don't worry about how…

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